February 6, 2003

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“Castle Brook Corporation established to address needs of technical manufacturing community”


Companies that produce the equipment for making computer chips, disks for hard drives, and laser communication devices have been through tough times in the last few years.  They have tightened their belts, pared back their staffing levels, and focused on the most important jobs to be done.  They have become vulnerable to the difficulties of responding to unanticipated manufacturing problems or ramping up as the market recovers for their products and services.  A new company has been formed to meet the technical and marketing needs of these active firms.


Castle Brook Corporation provides consulting and design services in the areas of semiconductor processing, high vacuum equipment and components, and general problem solving in the technical manufacturing arena.  The founder of Castle Brook, Gary Ash, says, “Many companies have thinned out their engineering and design areas so much that they cannot respond adequately to new challenges or unfamiliar problems.  As qualified consultants, we can help them bridge the gaps and get them back on track quickly.”  Dr. Ash has more than 35 years of experience in system and mechanical component design, as well as marketing and sales background.  “We can help companies make the best use of their existing resources in reducing their manufacturing costs, making their products smart for Internet connection, and seeing new markets for the products and processes they know best”, says Ash.  “When they need new technology, we can introduce them to materials, processes, and suppliers that they may not be aware of.  We can specify systems, design the parts, pick qualified suppliers, and make sure the system works as planned.”


Headquartered in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, Castle Brook Corporation serves a multinational base of manufacturing companies.  Gary Ash has a background in electrical and mechanical engineering and a Ph.D. in optical physics.  As an industrial physicist, he has focused on finding practical solutions to complex problems.  By having a network of other experienced engineers, scientists, and marketing people, Castle Brook Corporation is able to respond to a wide range of needs in many areas of manufacturing.  The company may be contacted through its web site at www.castlebrookcorp.com or by phone at 508-995-9661.


For further information, contact:

Gary S. Ash, Ph.D., President

Castle Brook Corporation

1205 Reed Road

Dartmouth, MA 02747


Tel: 508-995-9661

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Email: info@castlebrookcorp.com